Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting the tangible differences in tone that our variety of Talon guitar picks offers guitarists. Feel free to check out the full video here to get a sonic understanding of what the good folks at Benoni Studio are talking about. But we wanted to transcribe the majority of this review so you can reference the specific differences that are mentioned. Enjoy!

“I want to show the differences between the tones you can get from the Talon guitar picks…I think it’s easiest to show with the acoustic guitar. We are just going to play power chords, so you can really hear the difference. And you can really hear the difference between the materials and the different picks…the T1 and T4 (they skip over the T2 and T3, as they represent gradual differences between the T1 and T4).

At this point in the review, the Benoni Studio reviewer oscillates between finger picking, using the T1, and using the T4. He does his best to strike the strings in the exact same way, so we can essentially isolate our variables to notice the true difference between the T1 and T4.

“Hear that? It’s so evident. It’s a much warmer tone, a little bit rounder (in reference to the Light T1). A little softer, a little looser. Good tone though, no doubt. You can instantly hear it.”

Of course we can expand on that by using different materials (the different material of picks). We can go up to the Heavy, the T1. And you’ll hear the difference as well between the difference of the T1 of the Heavy and the T4 of the Heavy. (Playing the Heavy T1) This has a good attack. More than the Light and the Medium. (Switches to the Heavy T4) Oh yeah, you can really hear that when we switch back.  (Back to the Heavy T1) You can instantly hear (the difference). It’s a richer tone, a little bit warmer, obviously not as warm as the Light. And with the T4, it’s pretty tight, picking-wise. You really have to feel these picks to know what I mean by tight and the bite. I wouldn’t use a T4 on an acoustic, it’s just so tight.       

“Of course (these principles) apply to electric guitar (picks) too, even when you’re all fuzzed out and saturated with distortion. It’s just a little bit harder to tell for a demo.”

So there you have it – an in-depth review by Benoni Studio, highlighting the unique differences between the T1 and T4, as well as the Light and Heavy materials. The beauty of our patented design lies in how it gives you complete control with our variety of 3 materials and 4 dynamic models. With each progressive angle of the Talon tip, you can disperse more contact energy and deliver your preferred amount of bite.

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