When we talk about the evolution of guitar picks, people often have presumptions about the contribution of guitar picks to a guitarist’s overall tone and quality of sound. This comes as no surprise and we have no judgment for those who have yet to experience the pioneering effects of the Talon Pick, which is quite simply the best guitar pick available, online or otherwise. In today’s opening post, we would like to explain a little bit more about the high-quality guitar picks we have to offer. If you are a beginning guitarist looking to add to your growing collection of cool guitar accessories, our unique guitar picks are for you. But on the other hand, even if you are Dave Beegle himself, why wouldn’t you want to learn more about our guitar picks designed for your needs, be they for jazz, rock, folk, metal, or really any genre!

Preconceived Industry Notions

It is widely known amongst musicians that different strings, bodies, and more complex details shape the sound which a guitarist produces. For example, a lead guitarist playing a twelve-string Rickenbacker from the 70s through a Vox amplifier is going to sound a heck of alot different than the same guitarist playing a Gretsch through a vintage Fender amp. The point isn’t too difficult to grasp; every guitarist out there has their own unique dimensions, dynamics, and preferences which dictate the way we play our instrument, and the output we produce. For longer than we know, guitar picks haven’t been included in the discussion of guitar body style, string selection, amplifiers, or guitar pedals. And that stands to reason; there has only ever been a “one size fits all” design to guitar picks. An action that is rarely considered as having a significant impact on your tone is the manner of how the pick actually contacts the strings. We are talking about the potent balance of “bite” and “release”.


In creating the Talon Picks, our mission was to unearth the layers of amazing tones and textures that are so often hidden simply by the way in which we contact our strings. As a guitar neck gets more angled, the traditional flat pick will strike across the strings, whereas the optimal manner would be to strike upon them. By the same token, guitarists often waste energy and create unnecessary tension with a picking technique that is awkward. With the awesome guitar picks brought to you by Talon, you will unearth these hidden details and intricacies that you didn’t even know existed. You won’t have to drop $200 on a new pedal to get this new sound, either. We believe that a guitar pick should be crafted to fit the musician’s style, and not the other way around. Unmatched in its feel and comfort, there is now a solution to a problem you may not have even known existed! But to understand the remarkable difference, you’ll need to experience it for yourself.


Talon Picks have a design that channels a guitarist’s own unique delivery. The Talon has been designed in 4 dynamic models, armed with an increasingly angled picking tip extending from a flowing thumb contour. As our original creator put it, “ Each progressive angle of the Talon tip disperses more direct contact energy (“bite”) upon the string, which limits the amount of skip across the string (“release”). Now you are able to reign in YOUR ideal amount of attack and response.” Talon Picks come in three different modes, Pearl (Light), Mango (Medium), and Ruby (Heavy). Each of these styles have their own specific purpose to give you tonal blends which offer various brightness, response, flex, and feel. Whichever weight you choose, each selection comes with four Talon picks, ranging from a warm and loose feeling T1, all the way up to the T4, which gives off a bright and tight sound. Perhaps best of all is the ability to rotate 90 degrees into the flat pick position. This way you won’t lose that “open” strumming tone and feel.

Game Changer

This is truly a unique guitar pick which has changed the game for the future. So if you are wondering where to buy guitar picks for yourself or perhaps as a gift, look no further than Talon. Great as an electric guitar pick, acoustic guitar pick, and really any kind of guitar, our non-slip guitar picks must be experienced to be fully grasped. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!