Ben Higgins Review Of Talon Guitar Picks

Talon Guitar Picks have revolutionized the world of guitar picks as we know it. That said, not every guitarist knows that there is a revolution to be had at all. Most people think of changing their tone by changing guitars, amps, and incorporating effect pedals into their arsenal. Those are all necessary, but can be very costly.

We’ve flipped the outdated “one-size-fits-all” notion on its head. Our picks afford the guitarist the opportunity to strike upon the strings, rather than across them. This opens up a brand new world of new tones and textures. But rather than waxing lyrical, as the Brits say, about our own picks, we thought you might want to hear what Ben Higgins has to say about utilizing what is fast becoming known as the best guitar pick around.

Read on if you are interested in learning what you might be missing out on with our revolutionary thick guitar picks.

“The Proof Is In The Pudding”

“There’s a new pick in town. And it’s called the Talon. Here’s what you need to know about the Talon. It comes in three levels of rigidity, or stiffness. Light. Medium. And Heavy. The thickness doesn’t change. But the level of flex does. So the light models have the most flex, and the heavier models being the most rigid.

“The unique design of the Talon uses a recessed grip for the thumb. The T1 has the smallest recess, and the mildest curve on the pick edge. The T4 has the most pronounced curve on the pick edge. The light material picks are designed for a lighter, looser attack, and are perfect for strumming. The heavy models have the most brightness, and the pick really digs into the strings. The medium material in the T1 model has become my favorite. The tone has great balance of the warmth of the lighter picks, and the focused rigidity of the heavier models…The medium pick allows me to play hard, whilst keeping the fatter grip that I like.”

“With the thumb grip, you have the choice of using it as it is designed. When I set the edge of my thumb over the pick, that’s the way I play. And it still works!”

“I also love the shape of this pick. Because when you hold it in the Talon position, the standard pick side extends out behind your thumb, giving you a larger surface area of contact.”

Ben goes onto, as you may have guessed, absolutely shred with his T1 Medium Talon. You can listen to him shred, along with the entire review, right here.

Whether you are familiar with Ben and his absurd talent or not, he makes some great points we wanted to highlight in text here at Talon Guitar Picks. We appreciate Ben taking the time to highlight our unique guitar picks and the versatility that can be found when using them. We particularly enjoy the fact that he utilizes the Medium T1 Mango model, highlighting the mid-bright tone it affords the guitarist. Not to leave the T3 or T4 models out, we would like to note that they offer more tight and focused sounds, if that is your thing.

Take Flight With Talon Guitar Picks

So there you have it. You’ve heard it straight from a professional’s mouth. Now go ahead and try it out for yourself! At just a fraction of the cost it takes to enhance your tone with a new amp or effect pedal, you can separate yourself from the pack with the Talon. With free shipping worldwide, browse our inventory and get set up, today!