Interested in non slip guitar picks or just plain old guitar picks online? Perhaps you’ve heard of us at Talon, perhaps you haven’t. Either way, we are delighted that you are here in the first place, because it means you have the opportunity to affordably revolutionize your sound. How so? That’s easy – the evolution of guitar picks is here. With our patented design and contoured shape, getting “non slip guitar picks online” is just the minimum in terms of what you can expect. If you are interested in learning more about the Talon difference, we recommend you keep reading.

Other Ways To Change Your Sound

In posts of the past, we’ve analyzed other ways guitarists can change their sound. Across musical genres, there are a few staples that most musicians worth their salt would be able to list offhand. You could get a pricier amp. Depending on who you talk to, that amplifier could be one of the best in the world, if it suits that player’s style. Likewise, you could spend more on a guitar. For example, a fan of “Roots Rock” might be more inclined to go with a vintage Fender Telecaster for a specific sound. If you are a fan of Heavy Metal, something tells us that you probably aren’t going to want a “Tele” for those attacking, aggressive speed-picking lines.

By the same token, you could spend less on some guitar effect pedals. But if you are like most guitarists, getting one or two guitar pedals likely means you’ll need to get ten or twelve…per year. That’s a habit that can get out of control quickly, with nicer guitar pedals costing around $100 at the very least. Once you get a distortion pedal you’ll want a delay. Once you get a delay pedal you’ll need overdrive and chorus. And that’s just scratching the surface. If you have a passion for playing great guitar in a variety of ways, pedals can turn into the most expensive option rather than an affordable way to change your sound.

How Talon Can Change Your Sound

The primary options, the well-known options, are listed above. An option for changing your sound that is becoming more well-known by the week are Talon guitar picks online. They are non slip guitar picks, yes, but so much more than that.

Practically every guitar player holds their neck at an angle, to one degree or another (literally). In turn, this means your standard guitar pick will strike across the strings as opposed to upon them. With the Talon’s patented design, you are able to capture an array of sonic layers which have been previously untapped by the standard “across” method. These rich tones and amazing textures bring out more distinctiveness in each pluck or strike. This reveals the unique elements of your guitar, amp, pedal and non slip guitar pick all working together in tandem.

4 Unique Models

You waste energy when striking across the string. You don’t get the full effect, and quite often tension is created when the motion can be more natural. Talon brings you 4 dynamic models, each with an increasingly angled picking tip coming from a thumb contour. This flowing thumb contour guides your thumb where it needs to be, making it a true non slip guitar pick. Additionally, the Talon Edge has comfort bred into its design. With raised grips, you don’t have to worry about slipping or adjusting your hold of the Talon on the fly. It might feel slightly abnormal at first, but that is to be expected.

Our word of advice is to let the pick guide your fingers, and then let your fingers guide your mind. It’s like wearing a wedding ring for the first time. It might feel slightly off at first, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that something is wrong. Once you get the hang of it after a few jam sessions, it will feel more natural, and easier, than ever before! Don’t believe us? Check out what some of our professional testimonials had to say about these Talon guitar picks online.

Control Your Tone

On top of the four unique models that each Talon Edge comes with, you get to choose between Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each has something unique, but regardless of which one you choose, you should know that you’ll get it with free shipping, worldwide.

Light – the Pearl offers a rich Pearl finish and a light, feathery feel. You get the maximum amount of flex coupled with a mild delivery and a warm, buttery tone when you go with the Light Talon Edge.
Medium – The Mango brings a blend of moderation and versatility. Achieve mid-bright tones, a touch of flex, and a quick, sharp release. With the T1 and T2 models you can get bright, full sounds. With the T3 and T4 models, you’ll get more technical sharpness and rigidity.
Heavy – The ruby non slip guitar pick is made for the attacking guitar player who seeks ultimate control. What’s more, you can rotate the angle of the the Ruby (and the Mango and Pearl) for difference tones. If you are looking for that classic, open strumming sound, you can go to the flat pick mode and back again in a heartbeat. It’s a potent combination of “bite and release” with an ultra-fast response to boot.

Shop Talon Guitar Picks Online

Perhaps you’re just shopping for the musician in your life and have typed something like “Where Can I Buy Guitar Picks” or “where to get guitar picks online” on Google or Bing. If you are shopping for guitar pick gifts, you should know that we offer Multipacks for an affordable price. It includes all 3 series of “Raptor Packs”, which means you’ll be getting 12 unique guitar pick gifts for your loved one. If you aren’t sure about which one is best suited for him or her, this is still an affordable option that has all your bases covered! Plus, the guitarist will be able to select an individual pick based on what the song being played requires. It’s a win-win!

Experience the difference of the Talon Edge. Our revolutionary no slip guitar picks can change the way you think about strumming and picking altogether. They’re affordably priced, so what are you waiting for? Learn more about the features and shop today!