Talon Guitar Picks are in the process of changing how we think about the way in which we interact with guitars. With what some would call a discovery, Talon gives each guitarist looking for an unusual guitar pick the capability to alter their sound in a new medium.

How To Change Your Sound

When we say mediums we are talking about the traditional way electric guitarists have modified their sounds over the years. You might have an arsenal of cool guitar accessories like pedals, among which might be a distortion pedal, a tremolo pedal, a delay pedal, and so on and so forth. You might have also experimented with different amplifiers themselves. There are differences between amplifier producers, as well as models within each selected brand. For example, an Orange amp will sound quite different than a Fender amp, and furthermore a Fender Deluxe will sound more full and rich than your average Blues Jr amplifier.


But the options mentioned above, even with some of the more conservatively priced pedals and amplifiers out there, can still cost you thousands if you want to be able to produce a respectable variety of sound within a given musical style. Don’t get us started on how much it costs to get enough guitar gear to be able to play more than one style. Metal gear is virtually a different category to jazz guitar or reggae.

The Talon

A remarkable thing to consider about our angled picks is that they add a new level of control concerning the musician’s ability to alter their sound. Untapping new sonic layers, textures, and depths will allow you to specify your exact wishes, irrespective of your musical taste and style. So whether you are a metalhead or are wanting to use these awesome guitar picks for a classical guitar recital, the Talon picks afford the musician with more control in an avenue that not many others have considered.


One of the beauties of the Talon can be found in its price point. The reason why we emphasized the expensiveness of other options which accomplish the same goal of altering your tone to your specifications is because we believe it is important to educate our potential customers about one of the biggest advantages of utilizing our thick guitar picks. You get the same result without breaking the bank, and that’s important.


At Talon, we have a firm commitment to bettering our guitar playing community. Part of that commitment involves telling others about the incredible differences that so many other people have experienced from using Talon electric guitar picks. But with as much as we love telling musicians everywhere we can, it would be a disservice to expect people to simply take our word for it.

With that in mind, we bring you actual customer experiences and reviews. These come from people who have purchased and used Talon non-slip guitar picks. We understand the importance of quality, positive reviews in this day and age, and hope our customers in consideration mode do the same thing. The fact of the matter is that there are many more negative reviews out there than positive ones, and that is understandable; you expect a product to work. When it doesn’t, there is a problem. When it does work well, people largely will move on with their lives.

For that reason, positive reviews are all that much more valuable, considering people have actually taken time out of their days to tell strangers about how much they believe in these good guitar picks!

“These Will Forever Be In My Arsenal”

“One of the most comfortable picks I’ve played with in years! The contour helps keep it fight where you need it. These will forever be in my arsenal.” – Kane, 5 Stars

Thanks for the kind words Kane, we really appreciate you taking the time! When Kane talks about the comfort and contour of our guitar picks for sale, he is talking about the flowing thumb contour that flows into an increasingly angled picking tip. In practical terms, this solves the problem of the angled guitar neck influencing your hand to strike across the strings. Our awesome guitar picks are specifically designed to allow you to strike upon them, which unleashes a host of previously untapped sonic dimensions. Plus, the thumb-contour design makes our Talons the top non-slip guitar picks the market has to offer.

“Talon Picks Are A MUST Try”

“It’s a new day Folks! I purchased the Talon Guitar Picks for my Hubby. He LOVES them, hasn’t used any of his old picks since. He says the design is “long overdue!” – Amazon Customer, 5 Stars

This friendly Amazon customer was kind enough to tell us how the experience went, even though she wasn’t the person using our picks for guitar! Thank you, mystery Amazon customer, for your words and five stars. The reviewer makes a great point that our Talons make great guitar pick gifts, especially if the guitarist in your life has a few decade’s worth of cool guitar accessories and thinks they have everything they could ever need already. Tell them they were expensive guitar picks to get more credit, too. We won’t tell them otherwise!

“Five Stars”

“These picks are amazing, I can’t wait for them to add the rest of their pick line on amazon.” – Jose, Five Stars

Thank you Jose for taking the time to letting others know about how much you love Talon guitar picks! But we want to let you know some good news. You can get these high-quality guitar picks directly from the source, for free shipping, worldwide! If you are interested in becoming involved in the retail and wholesale picture, we’ve got you covered there as well.  

“Well Done Talon…Wow”

This design is unreal, a game-changer in the pick world….” – Amazon Customer

Another anonymous Amazon Customer, but the sentiment is no less appreciated. The Talon Edge means you get four unique models with increasingly angled Jazz style tips for supreme string response and specified string contact. This unlocks the new realms of tone we’ve mentioned.

“Great For Young Beginner Too”

“My 12 year old son loves his new picks and is enjoying trying them with the different angles. He’s just a beginner, but the picks are comfortable to hold and make him feel like he can already produce various tones easily. Can’t way to buy him the other ones too!” – ShockerLaw, Five Stars

For more reason than one, Talon is where to get guitar picks. But one of the many is the fact that our awesome guitar picks can be used to actually help beginners learn to pick and strum! With the thumb-contour, we offer a uniquely non-slip guitar pick. And if you are worried that the beginner might never be able to play with a traditional pick, fear not, because all you need to do is rotate the Talon 90 degrees for the traditional, open sound and feel.

“The Design Is Not Only Slick It’s Shockingly Useful And Comfortable”

“Wow- what a game changer! The design is not only slick it’s shockingly useful and comfortable!” – 5 Stars – Amazon Customer

Picks are not the end game, but they can help you get where you are trying to go. If that destination is turning stale tone fresh, it’s time to try Talon. Between our affordability, usefulness, and comfort, we are proud to offer a truly unique guitar pick for people looking to unleash new tones, textures, and dimensions. The evolution of guitar picks, and tone, has arrived.